Top Tips For The best Email Sequences

Top Tips For The best Email Sequences

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Having worked as a sales rep for a couple of tech start-ups, I can’t even begin to describe the value of sending email sequences that sell. Automated emails are wonderful because they substantially reduce the workload for a sales rep, however these days, everybody can relate to discovering a range of email sequences lurking in their inbox on a daily basis that just irritate us because we have to click two buttons to get rid of them!

Not enough business owners invest the time and effort in building compelling email sequences that essentially sell their product. Producing compelling email sequences is both a science and an art, and if done correctly, can lead to remarkable results. Having hundreds of potential customers on an email list isn’t going to produce any income if you can’t sell your product. So, here’s four tips on how to generate a great email sequence that will convert your leads into sales.

Tip 1 – First Impressions Count

The age old saying ‘make a good first impression’ is very appropriate when it relates to email sequences. By first impressions, I mean the subject lines of your emails. It’s the very first thing that recipients will encounter so if it’s not appealing enough, they just won’t open it. Obviously, the subject lines of an email are integral when it comes to conversion rates. Here are several stats which showcases their importance:

One-third of email recipients will open an email based completely on the subject line

Approximately 70% of email recipients will decide if an email is spam based on the subject line

40% of emails are opened on mobile devices first, and the average mobile screen can only fit between 4-7 words in the subject line.

The trick to successful subject lines is solving your prospects problems in as few words as possible. For instance, good subject lines include, “Common questions about university”, “Common questions about rental payments”, etc. Take into consideration your prospects problems and target your subject lines to solve that problem concisely. You can monitor your subject line performance using HubSpot Sales notification stream (

Tip 2 – Write Well-Crafted Content

After a recipient has opened an email, it’s pivotal that you provide a value proposition in the context of their problem right away. Forget starting the email with your name and job title; you need to give your recipients a good reason to continue reading the email. Thus, begin your email with some relevant information they can associate with, like company news or their reaction to an event via Facebook or an online article, and then get into the value proposition in the 2nd and 3rd sentences.

Your value proposition should be constructed like this:.

I have an idea about [problem/pain-point] and I’d love to have a moment to talk to you about [solution].

Here’s some preliminary information [link to helpful content] and if you ‘d like to chat more about it, let me know.

I recently collaborated with another organisation with [positive benefit]. Is this something that would be helpful for [company name]?

It’s crucial that you get to the point promptly and keep the content focused on the requirements of your prospect.

Tip 3 – Ditch the bland ‘Welcome Email’

If a prospect has shown interest in your products or services, why waste both of your time with a welcome email that has no benefit or offerings? It’s fundamentally dead-wood and if you’re going to send a welcome email, make sure you utilise a catchy subject line and value proposition in the content of the email (refer to tip 1 & 2).

Tip 4 – Always Be Helpful

The reality of the matter is that even an amazing first email may not get a reaction from the recipient. It’s understandable; people are busy and have prerogatives, so I suggest sending two or three follow-up emails as part of your email sequence. It’s easy to forget about an email that you’re interested in, but an excellent follow-up email will remind them that you’re here to help them in whatever problem they have. You ought to ensure that your follow-up emails also incorporates your value propositions, and further information that is helpful to the recipient in solving their problems. Again, HubSpot Sales will monitor which emails are opened and which links are clicked so I strongly suggest using this application to assist you with your email sequences.

The value of generating effective and actionable email sequences can have a significant affect on your conversion rates and sales. There are many factors that you have to consider when producing your email sequences, but this article features the most important factors that lead to success. If you’re having problems converting your leads into sales with your email sequences, it’s certainly beneficial in seeking advice from digital marketing experts that can help you. Talk to the team at Internet Marketing Experts Bathurst today on 1300 595 013 or visit their website:

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