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Top SEO Trends In 2018

Online presence is a significant component to any company’s strategy, however the digital landscape is in a continual state of change so it’s obligatory to keep up with these changes to make sure your online visibility is optimised. Google releases between 500 and 600 updates each year, with most of them merely adjusting their secretive […]

Social Media Marketing – Say More On Twitter

The moment has finally come where Twitter users can proclaim their dissatisfaction with the 140 character limit in more detail, since Twitter has formally affirmed that they have extended the character limit to 280 per Tweet! The social networking platform, which was introduced in 2006, grew quickly to become one of the most celebrated social […]

A Guide To SSL Changes – What It Means For Your Website

In today’s ever-changing online environment, it’s essential that businesses Google’s best practices to ensure they stay competitive in their relevant online markets. With Google being the most dominant and influential company online, it’s key for them to keep abreast of all the threats and opportunities that the internet produces. As a result, Google releases a […]